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Impressions after taster sessions

I’ve been waking up with more energy the days after, it is amazing! During the session, I’ve relaxed a lot and learned how to read my body better. I love these sessions. Birgit is the best, her voice, her words and the way she guides us through the process is excellent.
– Victoria, Researcher, Finland/Peru

I loved IT. I felt relaxed and alive AT the same time. The following night I had a restful night for the first time in a long time. Very soothing voice, Precise instructions, but not too many. I recommended you to my friends.
– anonymous

Mind-blowing. I really did not expected such a strong physical reaction during the practice. I felt like I was floating after it. Birgit is wonderful. I already recommended it.
– LD, Researcher, Barcelona, Spain

i really felt like i connected with my body. i feel calmer compared to before. – Irem Guner, Turkey

My experience was great, I was able to both relax and become self-aware of my body sensations throughout the session. I felt more at peace and centred, which helped me to sleep better. I’ll continue with the practice. She knows exactly when to insert comments throughout the sessions, which facilitated my breathing, especially during the first session. I would definitely recommend it.
– José Bener, Product designer, Göteborg, Sweden.

I enjoyed it. As happened previously, first it is difficult to focus and abstract from the real world and my body, then I manage to relax and I sometimes dive into an almost-sleep mood. This, together with other mindfulness moments I try to include in my busy agenda, have led me to concentrate on my breathing as a way to release pressure or fall back asleep during the night.
– A Moreira, Professor of Computer Science, Lisbon, Portugal