Rise 2 Flow

For investigating the potential benefits of specific breathing practices, I am running a new study:

Let me introduce you to the Rise 2 Flow research study. Do you ever feel stressed, under deadline pressure, and over-scheduled? Do you spend ~70+% of your work time at a computer? Then the Rise 2 Flow study might be a great fit! Come do breathing practices with me for 12 weeks & train to relax and reenergise!
Sign up here by Sept 20th 2020.

So you signed up for the study? Great! Or you missed the sign-up and are still interested in knowing more details? Also great 🙂
Here is an overview of the study and how we will proceed:

Now you are really excited to dive into the program with me? Here we go, let me give you a super quick overview of what awaits you:

Topics included in the program: Time management, Physical energy, Presence, Recovery, Confidence, Decisions, Listening, Feedback, Negotiation, Creativity, Prevention, and Connection.

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