Rise 2 Flow

I research the potential benefits of breathing practices on wellbeing, self efficacy, and perceived productivity. For this, I ran a pilot and then a first study in 2020, and in 2021 we are running further iterations.

Rise 2 Flow 2: Jan – Mar 2021

Happy new year! Was 2020 challenging? Do you sometimes feel stressed? Could you possibly benefit from techniques to help you relax when needed? Do you spend 70+% of your work time at a computer? Then this might be a great fit for you!We help you deal better with stress, become more grounded, and relax when needed. The results of the participants of the first run in late 2020 show increases in wellbeing, self efficacy, and perceived productivity.

Time: 8 weeks, start Jan 25th, end March 21

Content (about 2 hours per week): 

  • Entry & exit survey so you can compare your development
  • Weekly email with topic and a reflection question
  • Weekly live session (Thursdays 8-9:30pm CET / 2pm EST / 11am PST)
    –> Content training around managing energy, emotions, and a restless mind
    –> Breathing practice to relax and release tension
    –> (A recording will be available for those who canโ€™t make it live)
  • Weekly short survey and journaling prompts for the topic
  • (Optional use: materials for additional practice)

Research: I am interested in your survey data for research on whether the breathing practices are beneficial. I will anonymise and protect your data according to standard ethical research guidelines. Sign up here by Jan 24th: https://forms.gle/8W23ZzSTNEMEcP2U7

Rise 2 Flow: Sept – Dec 2020

For investigating the potential benefits of specific breathing practices, I am running a new study:

Let me introduce you to the Rise 2 Flow research study. Do you ever feel stressed, under deadline pressure, and over-scheduled? Do you spend ~70+% of your work time at a computer? Then the Rise 2 Flow study might be a great fit! Come do breathing practices with me for 12 weeks & train to relax and reenergise!
Sign up here by Sept 20th 2020.

So you signed up for the study? Great! Or you missed the sign-up and are still interested in knowing more details? Also great ๐Ÿ™‚
Here is an overview of the study and how we will proceed:

Now you are really excited to dive into the program with me? Here we go, let me give you a super quick overview of what awaits you:

Topics included in the program: Time management, Physical energy, Presence, Recovery, Confidence, Decisions, Listening, Feedback, Negotiation, Creativity, Prevention, and Connection.

Let’s dive in – sign up for the newsletter, and follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram to get updates.