It hurts – let’s dance with it ? (Play part 3)

In the month of play, this week we look at how to play with it when things don’t work out the way we had hoped or anticipated, or when stuff just hits the fan.
Can we shake off the rigid energy of resistance in a dance?
Can we do a little mental dance around exploring different ways of responding?
And can we then dance through accomplishing our tasks?
Find a soundtrack or theme song for your day and let it be a little lighter.

Raise your vibration – here’s how ?

We raise our vibration so we can respond to life from the fullness of our being. It doesn’t mean to fake anything, it means to genuinely elevate our energy based off of where we are in any given moment. Hydrating, breathing, moving, whatever makes you come most alive – sometimes to slow down, sometimes to pick up our energy.
It includes “faithing it”, trusting in ourselves, and talking kindly to ourselves, cheering ourselves on from the inside ❤️
You got this, I believe in you, keep going sweet soul.…