Birgit Penzenstadler

Birgit Penzenstadler

I am. And I am here for you when you are ready. I care about all people, no matter where you come from, your gender, race, or age, what you look like, or what your beliefs are. I believe in the innate capacity of humans to overcome their struggles, and I believe that love is the ruling principle of the universe.
I have studied different Eastern and Western traditions for many years, deepening over time in their philosophies and modalities that support increasing our physical and mental capabilities, emotional capacity and resilience, as well as neuroplasticity. I work with breathing practices, physical exercises, plants, oils, meditation, massage, touch points, and various other modalities – combining them for your specific support. My experiences with these techniques have allowed me to release years of tension from stress, pain that I had locked away, and fears that would loop back and have me doubt, so I could experience deep peace with what is and connect consistently to the inherent love and joy inside.

Happy to participate in the panel at @ieee_re on how to make RE matter. Good discussion on responsibility for agreeing on values implemented in a system, consciously or unconsciously. We can’t save the world only by RE, of course - and: we can take responsibility and contribute.

Fabulous keynote by @amyjko at @ieee_re #RE2021 with three recommendations: 1. Center the margins 2. Center resistance and 3. Center humanity.
I loved the proposal in the discussion to look at including minorities to triangulate requirements (instead of ‘fixing' the sample).

This week’s topic is Energy, specifically our physical energy we have in our body. How often do you feel at optimal energy level? https://www.twinkleflip.com/2021/09/22/energy-physical/

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