Owning your vision – trust and faith

Authenticity part 3

I just spent a weekend retreat really digging into my authentic being and practicing self-love – embodying a lot. It was beautiful, it was some good time to reset, reflect, and go deep within myself. Go deep in beautiful connection to other people. And it was a good reminder to trust in myself, trust in my vision and my ability to get there.

Today’s topic, this week’s topic, is specifically around trust and faith.

What comes up for you when you hear trust and faith?

I have three points around it.

The first piece that I really want to trust in is my vision. The vision of what I want to create in this lifetime, of what I want to embody in this lifetime. For that being possible to manifest, I need to get really clear on what that vision is. So instead of just having a very rough idea of ‘oh yeah, a family’, I make that more specific by saying I want a wonderful partner that I want to take relationships to a level with that I’ve never experienced, and I want to have children, and I want to create retreats, and I want to finish the book that I’m writing. There are so many things, and it feels very vulnerable to share this, but well, now you got it – that’s a few of the things in my vision. I want to keep playing a lot, I want to manifest that playfulness every day in my life – love, authenticity, playfulness. That’s part of my vision, and whatever yours is, maybe you can take a few minutes today to sit down and journal about it, and really detail it. 

What does your ideal day look like? What are you going to do all day long? Who are you going to interact with? What is your environment going to look like? Where are you going to be? What are the daily tasks? How do you get to relax? How do you get to energize? How do you get to really put your energy out there and serve? 

Detail your vision – the first part about owning your vision is getting really clear on what that looks like. So take the time, journal about it, make a vision board, whatever works best for you, just get really clear on envisioning it. Maybe it’s a drum journey, maybe it’s some other kind of visualization technique, but get really clear and really detailed in what your vision looks like.

Second piece is what’s the feeling state that comes with that, and then embody that vibe as much as possible.

When we’re in the state of longing for something that isn’t here yet, and we focus on the lack of it, then we’re not in a good state. And when we’re not in a good state, that means for good things to come into our lives it’s a little harder. Things tend to align way better if I’m in a good feeling state, if I am radiant, if I am glowing because I am excited about my life every day – then it’s also going to be easier for those things to come through and to enter my life.

We love to surround ourselves with people who have good energy, so a big job is to get ourselves in a place where we have good energy, where we embody that positive vibe in a manner of gratitude, of already having received and having manifested that vision.

How can you get yourself into that state of having manifested, of being grateful for already having received? Finding all the beauty and just knowing that those things are going to come into your life. That doesn’t mean ignoring or not acknowledging what the current situation is. It just means focus on where you want to go instead of what you perceive as a lack of what is. Where attention goes, energy flows. So if you focus on the lack in the present, the lack grows – if you focus on your vision that you’re creating in your future, that’s where your energy flows. That way you can flourish, that way you can actually move towards that.

So what gets you in that high energy of gratitude? What’s your gratitude practice? 

The third piece is trusting in that you always know the next step.

When we get tied up in puzzling and trying to play chess with life, and figure out seven steps down the road what’s gonna happen.

Life becomes really difficult when we get kind of stuck in our monkey mind. When we get stuck in our brains, we just keep playing out all the different options and maybe get into analysis paralysis. Instead some trust and faith, and deep down you know what the next step is. It doesn’t matter what happens seven steps down, because who knows how many things are gonna shift and change until then. But you know what the next step is, what you can do today to move just a little closer to that vision. So trust in that, trust in yourself, have faith in your vision, and have faith in yourself because all of this is figure-outable.

Hmm yeah, and spend a lot of time in the juicy “deep now” – that’s what I did this this weekend. The juicy deep now is a great term for just being fully present in the moment and feeling fully into this moment. That’ll make it easier to see what the next step is.

So recap: trust and faith – 1) get really clear on your vision in a lot of detail, 2) embody that feeling state, get yourself into that positive vibe, and 3) take that next step, because you know what it is.

Let’s take another deep breath with that.

Let me know what your next action step is.

Sending you much love!

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