Raise your vibration – here’s how ?

What do I mean by vibration? Your state of being, how you feel in general, like right this moment, and over the course of your day, and over the course of your week, and months. For some of us, when we hear “oh, raise your vibration, raise your state of being, um, just lift your mood” that sometimes has this ring of putting on something fake, but that’s not at all what it’s about.

So, when I say “how can we work on raising our vibration?” that does not mean I deny if i don’t feel great at a certain point in time. I want to invite you to fully acknowledge whatever is going on for you at any given point in time. We can check in with ourselves and very readily admit or feel into. For example, there is some sadness inside of me, or i don’t feel quite at my best energy level today, but then there is a second step.

The second step afterwards is to say “okay, now that I have allowed myself to fully feel that and be present with it is that a state that I wish to prolong?” or is that something where i can just say “okay this is present right now, i let this wave pass through me and then where do i want to go next from here?” What is it that i wish to live into today? One of my teachers likes to say faith it until we make it so instead of faking it until we make it – which would be the version of putting on a fake smile and hoping it makes us feel better – let’s faith it till we make it. And i’m not talking about religious faith, i’m talking about having faith in ourselves.

So, having faith in ourselves means that we talk kindly to ourselves inside. For example, when i wake up on a morning and i have that feeling of kind of low energy, still kind of tired, not that awake, and then i can either hang out in that state and keep talking in that loop or i can think about what could i do to elevate that state. What gets me into a place where i feel really alive?

One of the things for me is definitely movement. Another big one is “Are we hydrated enough?” Many of us run around with too little water in our bodies a lot of the time. When i have that feeling of low energy, the first thing is: All right, take a deep breath. And then the second piece is drink some water, and the third piece is how can i move this body in a way that feels good right now? And sometimes that can be very gentle movement like going for a little walk or just stretching and sometimes that is a more energetic movement, like dancing around wildly, or going for a run, or whatever it is. You can find your version of whatever that is in general movement gets your energy flowing and elevates your state of being, because it brings you back in your body.

Recap: 1) Fully acknowledge whatever is going on and be present with that for a moment. Allow it to be there. 2) What is the intention of where we want to go, and then feel into it: How can I move my energy into the state that I wish to be in?

And sometimes it means slowing down. For example, if we’re in an anxious state, then it means taking a deep breath, and incorporating some very gentle movement. Maybe add some some touch to calm our nervous system down. Our nervous system cannot differentiate if that touch comes from somebody else or if it comes from us. It works either way – so, if you give yourself a hug, it feels good. It also does if you place a hand on your cheek. It will calm your nervous system. So it’s a good tool to get back to when you feel anxious.

What is that state of aliveness that you wish to live into? What is it that you want to be faithing towards? Pay attention to that inner talk, so you can get there, and it takes quite a while to go from that passive commentator state of “oh i’ve had better days” or “kind of hanging in there today” to actively encouraging ourselves of “oh let’s do this”, “we got this”, “all right what’s next”, “what’s the next right thing that i can do?”

Sometimes it takes a little break to be able to pick ourselves back up again. We talk a lot about paradoxes. Human existence is very paradox in itself. We always have the striving for oneness and for expansion at the same time. And they can coincide in a beautiful way, yet sometimes they seem somewhat opposed to each other. It’s kind of the same with our activating energy versus relaxing energy. We need both and we need to feel into what we need in a given moment, so that we can either let ourselves be a little calmer, or that we can activate and pick ourselves up. It’s all a beautiful balance, and we know that balance is not a static thing. It’s a dynamic thing. It changes with every moment, so let’s go with the flow and allow ourselves to be our greatest cheerleaders. Let’s allow ourselves to fully love ourselves. Hug all the pieces back together.

Feel into what you wanna do today, where you wanna be today in your state of being, and what you wish to manifest. Then feel what that is like, as if it were already here. Can we feel the same gratitude for life that we now think we could feel “oh if only i would already have done this”, “if only that would have already occurred”, “if only this virus was already completely taken care of and everybody was safe from it”. What if we allowed ourselves to be completely okay with the state of things right now right as they are, and then still thrive and go for our intentions? Live into what we wish to see come true around us.

That’s it for today. Be well, know that you are very loved. Reach out to me. Let me know if this resonates. Let me know what you would like me to talk about in the future. Find me on social media, take a free breathing course with me where you can learn a couple of breathing techniques. They help you energize when you need that pick-me-up, and that help you calm down when you need that, or to just focus. There’s breathing techniques for all of those things. I would love to share them with you.

I hope to see you soon. Put some good energy out in the world. Pour some love out. Everybody needs a little more of it. I love you. Take care.