Redefine, tune into the present ✨

How’s your Tuesday going? Research says its the most typical day in a week that we have – so what does your “typical day” feel like? What are you noticing right now?

I notice cold feet, despite a pair of hand-knitted wool socks and wool slippers on top – guess I’m moving too little as I sit behind my laptop typing away. I perceive the slight squint of my eyes, as the sun rises over the hill outside my window half-hidden in the clouds, and a spark of joy that the sun is coming out today.

I notice a heaviness in my chest, as I am processing some changes in my life. I hear my empty tummy grumbling. I feel the ache of an old collarbone injury that flared up a couple of days ago while working out too eagerly. I notice the dryness in my mouth that tells me I had too much coffee and not enough water.

I notice the prickling in my ears that tells me I am wide awake and very present with what is going on, almost like tuning forks for universal frequencies. Yeah, you can imagine me with Spock-like ears now that work like radio antennas. ?

I feel the wideness in my chest that comes from realising how free I am – free to choose what I want to focus on in my experience. I sense my imagination running wild with ideas and inspiration and, if I count to five, I can hear the gnarly voice of doubt that will predictably tell me all the things that could possibly go wrong with that. I realise the relief as I let that voice fade into the background after acknowledging its points, that it has been heard but that it doesn’t get to run my life.

And I feel the immense capacity for joy and love inside of me, ready to bubble up any time I shift my focus towards it. There it is again, the choice on what I want to focus on in my experience. And as my eyes get a tad more squinty while the sun is making its way through the clouds, I let that bubbly warmth overtake my heart space and my whole body. ✨

What are you feeling right now? 
Which perceptions to you choose to focus on?
What of this message is landing for you? 

Here’s a video for this week where I unpack this in different words (two days ago in nature):