What’s your intention today?

How has your week been? I hope you had a lovely weekend. As we embrace this new week, I have a couple of thoughts for you to ponder, maybe something resonates.

You are not your thoughts. That is why you can observe your thoughts.
Everything is moving, life is dancing an endless dance, everything always changes. 
We are allowed to just love it and be, to enjoy life as it unfolds.
We have a lot of resistance inside ourselves, usually prompted by some thought popping into our mind about how something is not the way we want it to be. 
Can we bring some kindness to that resistance?

If this is ‘it’, this moment is all we can ever live in, what do we want to practice? All that we express in live in any given moment will expand simply by us letting it be there. That doesn’t mean we can’t ever feel bad, it just means to not buy into that thought that comes up that this will persist. It means noticing what comes up and letting it pass through.
Feeling good or feeling bad? Repetition engrains in your neuronal pathways and reinforces thoughts and behavior. 
What do you want to practice and reinforce today? How can you be on purpose?

How can you align with who you want to be? Can you stay with your intention and embody that?
If your intention is to be more focused, what does that look like today? If it is to be kind, how do you intend to express that? The more specific you are, the easier it will be.