Choosing our words wisely

One of my sources of inspiration for bridging science (neurobiology, neurochemistry, epigenetic, quantum physics) and meditation and breathing practices is Dr. Joe Dispenza. He explains that most of our thoughts and feelings tend to be within repeating circuits created from our past experience. A thought and feeling create a state of being, a cycle of that creates an attitude on a given day, when you string attitudes together, you form a belief (thought over and over again, gets wired into our brain), and when our thoughts get challenged, it feels wrong, and so we reject it. Stacking beliefs together forms a perception, so most of us unconsciously view our life from a perspective of the past. In our perception we are overlaying our present with the past and that limits our perspective for the future. Consequently, there are few new experiences unless we deliberately seek them out by changing our thought patterns. In that, we are only as good as we are able to become conscious of our unconscious thoughts. Becoming conscious of underlying negative thoughts and beliefs and actively choosing to change that biologically changes your brain. We need to practice to sustain brainwave states and go beyond the analytical mind, we can change our brain chemistry and make changes in our environment and experiences. According to Dr. Joe as well as my own experience, minutes every day can make a significant difference.
Try out one of his meditations if you feel called 🙂

Here is a 17 minute version that has the jist of his message and science: 
Guided morning meditation:
If you want to dive deeper, here is a podcast recording with Marcus Aubrey: