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Julia Roelofsen, Leadership Coach, Austria


Marlene, USA:

Birgit is a FANTASTIC COACH! We had an amazing session and she helped uncover some old beliefs stuck in my body and helped me integrate new beliefs into my consciousness! – Marlene Martin, LB, CA, USA

Britt, USA:

Testimonial by Britt in June 2021

Virginia, Germany:

If you are looking for a personal transformation, then Birgit is the right person to coach you. Birgit has really helped me to improve my daily performance and realize more of my potential. I am more than satisfied with the results. Among other things, she helped me to gain clarity on my personal and professional goals, to make significant progress towards them. Or to learn “more efficient” ways to deal with daily and long term challenges or to break through patterns. I can recommend anyone to achieve any of those points. It has been a great journey and look forward to continuing it! – Virginia Hannig

Nicolas, Germany:

Testimonial by Nicolas in March 2021

Elena, Spain:

Realicé con Birgit una serie de sesiones de Breathwork mezcladas con terapia los pasados meses. Estoy muy agradecida de haber entrado en contacto con ella y tener la oportunidad de crecer en estas sesiones. Me proveyó de una serie de herramientas esenciales para el día a día, una visión externa e incisiva de mi misma, una entrada en una etapa más consciente en mi vida. Breathwork me permite hacer paradas importantes en mi semana y entrar en un espacio de meditación sanador, de una manera que no abordo en otros formatos. 
Birgit posee características únicas que me hacen conectar con ella. De hecho, las dos estamos en contacto con el mundo académico y realizamos tareas de conceptualización frente a pantalla gran parte de nuestro tiempo. Puede por esta razón, el lenguaje usado y las técnicas que propone me hacen avanzar mucho más allá; conecto con ella tanto con el juego y la sensibilización del cuerpo, como con entrenar la mente con sutileza.
Recomiendo plenamente realizar sesiones con Birgit.
– Elena J., Spain

Translated: I did a series of Breathwork mixed with therapy sessions with Birgit the past few months. I am very grateful to have been in contact with her and to have the opportunity to grow in these sessions. She provided me with a series of essential tools for everyday life, an external and incisive vision of myself, an entry into a more conscious stage in my life. Breathwork allows me to make important stops in my week and enter a healing meditation space, in a way that I do not address in other formats.
Birgit has unique characteristics that make me connect with her. In fact, we are both in contact with the academic world and we carry out conceptualization tasks in front of the screen much of our time. May for this reason, the language used and the techniques that she proposes make me advance much further; I connect with her both with the game and the sensitization of the body, as with training the mind with subtlety.
I highly recommend doing sessions with Birgit. – Elena J., Spain

Breathing Practice / Pranayama

I have been doing the breathing practice over a year now and already after one month and a half I saw impressive benefits to my mental health. The breathing session alone was able to improve my relaxation, self-awareness, consciousness and mood. It feels like a training exercise with remarkable benefits in mindfulness (exploring new levels of awareness and attention, reduced anxiety, coping and acceptance) and physical health (muscular relaxation, physical awareness, increased stamina). The benefits continue throughout the week following the session, as I become more aware whenever I become tense, restless, anxious, tired and overwhelmed, which helps me return to a balanced / centred self and cope better with daily stress and anxiety. I strongly recommend joining this practice as this has been a revolutionary experience in my life. Birgit is also a fantastic instructor, with very structured sessions that makes you feel welcome, seen, heard, comfortable and safe regardless if you are doing it for the first time, or are a regular participant in the sessions. Moreover, she takes the time and care to inform participants about the science behind the effects and provide helpful sources for those interested more about the content of mindfulness.
Francisco Gomes, Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Sweden

Finally a breath practice I was able to tolerate and actually enjoy. This was so wonderful. You are a true light.
First time, very beautiful my whole body was tingling starting at my feet and then moving up. Thank you I feel blessed to have found you. ?❤? – Anonymous

Thank you for the session today. I woke early. My cat unusually came upstairs and woke me at 5.30am. Not like him to be so early. So I woke and felt fresh and awake. And I then switched on IS as I’m constantly using the live feature and there you were. I had a profound experience last night with a breathwork practice on a live IG – most surreal and nothing I’d experienced before. I was so in the body and not in the head – hooray! And your meditation carried this theme on for me today. I connected in so deeply with my body, my beautiful supportive healthy body. Thank you Birgit. You have a true gift ? x – Fiona D.

Your breathwork session today was wonderful (as are your bliss whisper meditations). Your voice is beautiful and soothing, your energy is powerful, your smile is infectious, and your authenticity shines throughout. I had a very profound experience during today’s session, thank you for guiding me to – and in – that space, I am very grateful. ??❤️
Thank you again for sharing yourself and your light. – Gigi

Wow you are amazing, your spirit is peaceful and calm, and yes your guided mediations bring so much calmness and relaxation . Thank you so very much ??‍♀️ – Amy

I hope that I’m not crossing a line where I should be booking your professional time. Please tell me if I do. I have to ask though, are those breathing exercises always that intense? What I experienced today was a profound, psychedelic inward dive and outward expansion into a very real and intense connection. I won’t go through all of the details, but it was vivid and beautiful and as impactful as any psychic or psychedelic experience I’ve ever had. I’ve done countless group meditations, but today’s double inhale routine was magnificent. If you hold these anywhere outside of the insight timer app, I would love to know.
Your queues were so perfectly synced with where I was in the adventure. I assume they were well synced with many of us. My experience was very much that you were WITH me. Not here with me, and I was not where you are, but that we were transported or perhaps coexisting in a shared space where there was such a warm and clear awareness. I wish that my son had not come to get me, but he did it so sweetly to go visit my mother and her new puppy.
Today was more than holding energetic hands. I melted today in the best way possible and solidified with more buoyancy in my own life. If you have a recording of this exercise, I would very much enjoy it although I would miss the very real magic that you broadcast. I am at my most joyful when I can beam love at all my people, and things like today help me to do this. Thank you thank you thank you. – Ryan


Aimee DeCorby: Sending so much gratitude for your peaceful guiding words. The gentle reminders and guidance through the pain helped in ways I can not easily express in words. Thank you.

Ana M.:
You have a wonderful tone of voice. Very relaxing and calm. (I’ve used some meditation apps and your voice is much softer to the hear than other professionals I heard before)

I’ve struggled with confidence for a very long time. It’s a subject that I’ve brought up recently to address — particularly with the question: how DO I build up my confidence? The guided meditation offered a few things to do, and I look forward to seeing if it works for me. These guided meditations are a gem to use as a source of reflection. I ponder about something new each time I listen to it and learn something new.

I have to mention that it’s been a real treat to listen to your meditation tracks. I’ve been paying for Headspace for years, and these have been a breath of fresh air. If I’m working at home and not on the phone, I’ll just put them on in the background for the soothing voice and the reminder factor. Thank you!

This is such a wonderful meditation. Thank you for all the work that you do to help people. You are a gift. You are special. I am so grateful.
Your meditation “Embracing Sadness” I find really healing. I mean all of your guided meditations bring me peace and ease.
I usually have yours on repeat mode and your voice runs all night long. 🙂 It seems to be the only way I can fall asleep. – Britt, San Jose, USA

Impressions after Rise 2 Flow modules

“It has truly been a wonderful journey attending most of your sessions and I have been able to reduce my anxiety to a great extent. I listen to your guided meditation every evening to relax and your voice has a soothing effect. I am truly grateful for this experience.”
– Jan., India

“I am really grateful and glad to know you 🙂 It was really rough at first, but then I found there is a message from me to me that I need to get it. What you said is the best sign for me that I am stepping on the right path and motivation to go on. Thanks for the meditations. The loveliness you radiate is precious.”
– S., Sweden

“I felt like I tele-transported today. (…) I felt like I’m being pulled towards some yellow light. And then I felt like I was flying through dense white clouds with subtle pinks and oranges. Then the scene changed completely, I was a floating again, I’m not sure where but it had beautiful, warm yellow lights as tiny dots. And I there was a point when I could feel energy travelling through my body. There was a point where I zoned out on breathing. When I realized I wasn’t breathing, I wasn’t struggling or gasping for breath, I simple resumed. I am a different kind of happy today.”
– J., US

“I honestly felt super relaxed by the end of the breathing/meditation session (much needed!) and you made everyone feel welcome. The time management presentation reminded me to spend time offline (and I have done so today – I’ll try to remember to note that in my daily survey). I also loved that the participant group were all super kind on the Zoom chat.”
– K., Researcher, UK

“I’ve struggled with confidence for a very long time. It’s a subject that I’ve brought up recently to address — particularly with the question: how DO I build up my confidence? The guided meditation offered a few things to do, and I look forward to seeing if it works for me. These guided meditations are a gem to use as a source of reflection. I ponder about something new each time I listen to it and learn something new.”
– A.

“I did the meditation in the morning, then the breathing exercises after work and then went to my new sports/acrobatics class. The fact that I am so engaged in learning something new, that also stretches my body in a different way and has a completely new technique, just made me soooo happy. I was present, felt tired but very happy, had a nice and relaxed sleep, and felt very energized.”
– Anonymous

Breathwork Taster sessions

I’ve been waking up with more energy the days after, it is amazing! During the session, I’ve relaxed a lot and learned how to read my body better. I love these sessions. Birgit is the best, her voice, her words and the way she guides us through the process is excellent.
– Victoria, Researcher, Finland/Peru

I loved IT. I felt relaxed and alive AT the same time. The following night I had a restful night for the first time in a long time. Very soothing voice, Precise instructions, but not too many. I recommended you to my friends.
– anonymous

Mind-blowing. I really did not expected such a strong physical reaction during the practice. I felt like I was floating after it. Birgit is wonderful. I already recommended it.
– LD, Researcher, Barcelona, Spain

i really felt like i connected with my body. i feel calmer compared to before. – Irem Guner, Turkey

My experience was great, I was able to both relax and become self-aware of my body sensations throughout the session. I felt more at peace and centred, which helped me to sleep better. I’ll continue with the practice. She knows exactly when to insert comments throughout the sessions, which facilitated my breathing, especially during the first session. I would definitely recommend it.
– José Bener, Product designer, Göteborg, Sweden.

I enjoyed it. As happened previously, first it is difficult to focus and abstract from the real world and my body, then I manage to relax and I sometimes dive into an almost-sleep mood. This, together with other mindfulness moments I try to include in my busy agenda, have led me to concentrate on my breathing as a way to release pressure or fall back asleep during the night.
– A Moreira, Professor of Computer Science, Lisbon, Portugal