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Week 8: Feedback

Week 7: Listening

Week 6: Decisions

Week 5: Confidence

Week 4: Recovery

Week 3: Presence

Additional resources: During the session I got the question of whether I had recordings you could practice with in between our live sessions, so here you are, and this is absolutely optional – you are welcome 🙂
– Breathing practices recorded as mp3: 1-hour, 25-min, 15-min
– Breathing course with additional 5-min/day techniques

Week 2: Energy

Week 1: Time Management

Please read through my email today or tomorrow and just let the content sink in a bit. Take a few minutes to reflect on the questions. Please fill out the entry survey before our first live session on Thursday.

Welcome video.

Q & A

What is the overall scoop?
– Content you receive: Topic modules with live breathing practice every week, suggestions for your own short daily practice, tool suggestions from the modules that you can choose to apply in your life.
– Research data collected: Entry & exit survey, short weekly surveys, and short daily journal entries.

What’s the weekly routine? (8 weeks from January 25 to March 21)
Mondays: You receive an email with the weekly inspiration and reflection prompt (text & video). This week the topic is Time. Starting week 2, the email will also contain the prompt for the weekly survey (3-5min).
Every day: You enter a little daily reflection on the weekly prompt into the journal entry and how that connected to you day. Or you write something else that seemed more relevant in your day, whatever made you happy or triggered you and what your afterthoughts are.
Thursdays: We meet in the live session (I’ll email a reminder) where we first talk about the weekly topic and I have some tools you can choose to apply, and then we will do breathwork together to relax.

What’s the session like?
The Thursday live session (11:30pm Delhi, 9pm Helsinki, 8pm Stockholm, 7pm London, 4pm Buenos Aires, 2pm New York, 11am Los Angeles) will take 90 minutes. We start with a little input and conversation on the weekly topic, and then we take 50 minutes for our active breathing practice. Please be prepared to lay down for that part, have a blanket to stay warm, something to cover your eyes, headphones, and a water bottle nearby for afterwards. More details here.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?
You will be able to watch the recording that will be linked on this page. It is better to catch them live so you can ask questions, so you actually do it and to be in touch with the group, but the recording is an option. Just make sure to watch it over the following three days (before Monday comes around).

What if I find the breathing practice weird?
It may feel a bit weird at the beginning because it is new. Just be willing to experiment a little and see where it takes you. I am happy to answer any questions you may have around it – why we do it a certain way, what to do if you get a dry mouth or your mind is super busy, etc.

Do I have to practice every day?
You don’t have to practice breathwork every day. I suggest you do something for your mental and emotional health every day. It’s up to you whether that is a breathing exercise, yoga, meditation, a walk outside, cooking a nice meal, or something else that brings you joy.
Some days the world just seems to turn a little cray schedule-wise. On those days you can maybe find 5 minutes at some point to just check in with yourself how you are doing – but we get to that in the classes later.

Do I have to use the guided meditations?
They are completely optional, so no. They give you an opportunity to engage with the weekly topic a little more by just listening, but it’s up to you. I provide them as an offer and many previous participants have told me how much they liked them, so here they are again. Your call if you use them.

Do I have to submit a journal entry every day?
I’d love to get them for every day or at least the weekdays, but I can obviously only ask for it – how you choose to do that is up to you. Some past participants said they put a reminder in their phone with the link to the survey. Some said they had a sheet of paper for every week and then submitted all from one week at the end of the week.
Just a sentence is enough, but you are also welcome to write a few paragraphs if many things are going through your mind and it feels good to get them out.

Why do you collect email addresses if the data are ‘anonymous’?
I cut off the email addresses when I download the data but a lot of people forget or accidentally change their alias (nickname) and this way I can go back to the survey and check which aliases I need to match when they are off. The analysis is performed anonymously.

What if I have more questions?
Please email me so I can answer them and add the questions to this page so that everyone can know more 🙂