Time can be measured and looked at using two different concepts. One of them is called chronos. The ancient greeks had two words for time. Chronos is the time that we measure in a calendar, the hours of the day, the time when you get together to do something, the time that it takes you to do something.

And we’re very used to that concept. And then the other one is kairos. Kairos is the right time for something.

Sometimes I have the feeling that as soon as we’re out of kindergarten, from there on for forever there will always be more things to do than time.

And maybe that’s a fallacy, because maybe it just all depends on what are the things that really, really, really matter?

This week I want to invite you to pay attention to what you’re spending your time on. 

Instead of having the notion of running after a to-do list and trying to check as many things off as you can,

wonder a bit: What exactly am I spending my time on? Is that the way I want to spend my time? Because we don’t know how much longer we’re going to be around, right? We always kind of assume that we’re still going to stick around for a while. We don’t really ever know; and time flies.

I just saw a wonderful friend today for the first time in a year. I cannot believe a year has passed. Time is precious, and if we don’t make conscious choices of how we want to invest our time, then maybe it runs through our fingers really quickly.

I repeat the invite: pay attention how you spend your time this week, and whether that is the way how you want to spend your time. ‘You get this one shot’ would Eminem say.