Energy (physical)

I like to talk a lot about energy, and today we focus specifically on the physical energy of your body. We come back to the basics. How often do you feel at optimum energy level daily? How often daily? In the morning when you wake up, what do you need to be at an optimum energy level? How is it during the day? How is it after lunch? How is it in different parts of the week?

This week my invitation: Watch your energy levels – when are they good? When are they not so great? What might be missing?

Sometimes there’s a cup of coffee that can help, sometimes more vegetables are needed, sometimes more water, and sometimes more movement.

Hydration is the easiest one to incorporate into every day. You gotta drink anyways, and your cognitive performance goes down significantly when you’re not well enough hydrated. It’s not much effort that’s your number one. 

Number two is movement. Get in daily movement – and you get to choose what you like, whether that’s a gentle walk, or whether that’s vigorous exercise, lifting heavy weights, or running, your pick, yoga. It’s all good as long as you move that wonderful body of yours. 

The third one is food. I’m not going to prescribe you a particular way of eating. Nope. I want to invite you to listen really well to your body. How you feel after a meal, how you feel an hour later, when do you get hungry again?

And then eating more vegetables is always good outside of that. You listen to what’s right for your body and you adapt that way.

Three things, and the invitation to notice your energy levels. It is fairly possible to be at really good energy levels for most of the time, and hydration, movement, and the right food or fuel is going to help significantly. I wish you a wonderful week!