Simplicity – what do you wish to create?

This week we return to simplicity – there’s a lot of energy in the air with the new moon in Virgo and we can choose what we wish to use it for. Come back home to yourself, with a simple morning practice, and with remembering what truly matters to you and what you wish to create.


Hello beautiful soul, welcome back. It’s a wonderful Tuesday morning here in Göteborg, and I went back up on to the cliffs, to be here as the sun comes up when I record this for you. Of course it’s hiding behind a few little clouds now, and the magpies were very vocal about that a few minutes ago.

So, today it’s about simplicity.

We started into September and it’s my birthday coming up in two days – yay, I’m turning 40. Whoa, it’s a big one, and right now I feel a lot of energy flowing through for several reasons. It’s not only that I’m turning 40, and it feels like a big step – it’s also that there’s a pretty strong new moon going on, and I went to see my wonderful family last week. I spent some precious time with loved ones and with close friends and so many heart-filling moments. I am still… my heart is so full, and I have more travels coming up, and this week is also fairly packed. 

So part of me started freaking out and getting a little anxious – and then I remembered that there is time for all the important things. And if there isn’t, that means that i’m doing too many things that are not important.

So, where can I simplify? And when we come back home to ourselves, for example during meditation, then we remember. If you just got goosebumps and the shudders when I said meditation, you can also go for a walk in nature. That is pretty equivalent to it. It’s a walking meditation if you will. Being in nature by yourself with no distractions – so not while listening to a podcast. Just walking in nature by yourself is one of the most beautiful ways of how to come home to yourself. For me it always helps to remember what truly matters. And that’s right, the present moment. So, yes, planning is needed and most of the time we do way too much of that and way too much hanging out in our heads – to try and do all that. Can we drop that? Can we focus on a few simple things per day? What is it that truly matters?

We all desire to feel good in life – so can we start there every morning? Can we just take a few minutes to invest in that simple thing of having a morning practice? Saying I’m gonna take a few deep breaths. I’m gonna do a few morning stretches or gentle movements to wake up my body. I’m gonna be still for a few minutes in meditation, or listening to the birds, or watching the clouds, or looking at a tree. Whatever it is for you, maybe journaling a few minutes. Come back to the simple things to set the tone for the day on what really matters.

Let that desired feeling state come up of what you wish to come true in your heart.

And be grateful for that wish coming through, because gratitude is the ultimate receiver state. The more we can move through our day with gratitude, the easier it will be to let the things flow into our lives that we wish for, and to  navigate all the challenges that come up with a bit more ease.

That’s what I have for you this week-  it’s a short one. I want you to soak it up, maybe listen again, read again.

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I send you so much love – have a beautiful week.