It hurts – let’s dance with it ? (Play part 3)

In the month of play, this week we look at how to play with it when things don’t work out the way we had hoped or anticipated, or when stuff just hits the fan.

Can we shake off the rigid energy of resistance in a dance? Can we do a little mental dance around exploring different ways of responding? And can we then dance through accomplishing our tasks? Find a soundtrack or theme song for your day and let it be a little lighter.

As my friend Hanna says: “Dance, baby, dance, through the wilderness of your existence!”

It is a beautiful rainy morning in Gagnef, where i am for a wonderful friend’s birthday this week, doing some work from here and hosting some sessions. We’ll be doing some acro, some play time, some breathwork in the morning to get the energy flowing – all of those best practices. We’re still in the month of play and speaking of the bliss practices – if you want to go deep with that with me in person, join me next week. We’re doing the bliss project retreat next weekend, August 26-29. Reach out to me or go to to find out more. Send me a message. I would love to have you there, I’d be thrilled. We’re going to be going deep with my two lovely co-hosts Axel and Jannicke. We’ll be meditating, reflecting, we’ll be doing some loving the shadows back into place, we’ll be doing some playtime with acro, we’ll be doing yoga and meditating, getting out in nature, having some delicious veggie food, and be with each other. We all long to be in community in person, face to face – it takes our practice so much deeper, so please join us.

And for this week of play – we’re still in the month of play, August – as it’s raining cats and dogs right now, I’m under an umbrella while I write this. Sitting in a beautiful amphitheater where we’re gonna make some stuff happen this weekend.

You know, always when you are organizing events, things go wrong – whatever you work in, things go wrong in your daily life, things go wrong and then we can ask: How can we meet those in a playful way? That doesn’t mean we’re not taking seriously what happens. We’re very present with what happens. If you saw me, maybe you can’t take me seriously right now because i’m wearing a penguin onesie but it’s so lovely and warm – it’s so good. Maybe you need a onesie in your life as. Anyways, when the stuff hits the fan that we’re not so happy with, how can we roll with the challenges? How can we roll with the big waves as they come through? How can we dance with them? 

For this week the topic is “It hurts – let’s dance with it”, so whatever challenge comes up for you: how can you dance with that? I mean in a very physical way as well as in a mental and emotional way. 

Pondering upon what is the best way to respond to this instead of reacting, pondering on those different ways or perspectives that we can take on a challenge – that is some of the mental dance we can do. Doing that in a physical way means I go shake off the energy, after I got riled up by a phone call or an email or some piece of news I can get up, walk around, do some deep breathing, and wiggle. Shake it out, shake it off, get the energy moving. Put on my favorite song. Dance it out, and while we do the chores that come along with all the tasks that we get to do, maybe there can be a soundtrack playing in our heads, maybe we can dance our way through doing the laundry, through doing 100 emails, through doing the phone calls, through doing some conceptual work, through whatever we need to do, through our writing. Can we find the right soundtrack along for it and just let it flow? Can we let the energy flow?

I want to invite you to pick a theme song for your day today. What’s your theme song for today? Make it a good one. Maybe you can dance a bit with it whatever challenge comes up? Find a theme song for it, roll with it, do the mental dance of ‘how do I want to respond to that?’. What are my different options? Do the physical dance of shaking off the energy, of breathing in some more energy, and do the celebratory dance, too, a happy dance when things work out or when you’ve accomplished a task. Whatever that looks like for you, roll with it to find the beauty in the challenge. How can we take this as an opportunity to grow? How can we be present with what’s going on? How can we take that input and respond to it such that the output becomes as beautiful as possible? 

With that I send you so much love. Have a beautiful week. Check out the bliss project retreat at

Like this content? Leave me your feedback on what you think, what lands for you, what helps, and stick around. Whatever you do, dance through your life. Do it with joy, find the joy in the little moments, and give it all you got, because you know we’re alive right now – who knows how long it lasts? Not saying doomsday, more saying let’s appreciate it and live out loud. In case we’re not so loud, living happy and silently is good as well – it’s beautiful either way. I love you.