What would happen if you loved yourself fully?

Hello sweet soul!?

I’m happy to have you today – maybe my most important message of the year 😉 We’ll see. Why do I say that? the topic of this week is love yourself fully. What do you think would happen if you unapologetically loved yourself fully? Hmm…It feels like life could really start soaring, your dreams may be a lot quicker in reach, you just feel amazing every single day, because – guess what – you love yourself fully and you’re in love with life in every single moment.

Does that sound far away from where you currently are? Let’s look into it. Three suggestions that I have for you, like a mini framework. The month of July we talk about love – love in many different forms, not just romantic love. Most of all, love is based on how well we love ourselves. That’s what we start with today, looking into what it would be like if you loved yourself fully. We talk about integration, about actions, and about practicing the feeling until it is our true nature. (Prefer video?)


First of all, when I talk to someone around this topic and they say “oh, I don’t know if I can love all of myself, there are some parts that are just really gnarly and that I do not agree with” – what do we do with those?The first piece is integration. How can I integrate the parts that I currently don’t appreciate so much? The things that I perceive as flaws, where I feel I’m not fully showing up as my best self? Why do those keep happening? Let’s say it’s a habit that you don’t like so much, then the integration process looks at how is this habit currently serving me and then I get to make a choice, like about everything in life.

Considering that I’ve now acknowledged that it’s serving me in one way or another, do I feel that the old one is still the better choice, or do I wish to change it?And what can I then put in place to change that? And can I give myself some grace if that bad habit creeps up again and respond with “yeah, I know you, I’ve practiced you a lot, I still love myself, and I will continue to show up as my best self to change this habit”. Integration is the first piece, and there’s obviously a lot more depth that we could go into in here but not within the scope of this video. (If you want to see more on that topic, then watch my video How to integrate your broken pieces – hint: love them back into place.)


The second piece is to act around this – to act in alignment with the self-love. What does that look like?What does it look like in my daily life when I love myself fully? How do we make that happen? There are a couple of practices that you can establish, for example eye gazing – to look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you.”It may feel awkward the first five times, I acknowledge that. Practice it, mean it, when you say it look yourself in the eye “I love you”. Then what other actions does that self-love come through? Maybe you want to write down a list of things that you really appreciate about yourself? Maybe you have certain self-care practices, a ritual, whether it’s using a really nice lotion, or taking a bubble bath, or making a really good cup of tea at the end of the evening to wind down.

Whatever ritual you create, celebrate that. Any mundane thing can turn into a ritual if we pay attention to it and if we’re fully present with it. How can you make it a ritual? Having a piece of dark chocolate, or greeting the sun in the morning in whichever way.

Good, that’s the second piece – and that’s your homework: Identify a practice for yourself that you want to be your self-love ritual. Please, take that with you.


The third one is to feel it full-on. Feel it. When I came home from my last retreat, I felt more deeply connected to myself than ever before. Sometimes it feels almost cliche to say “oh, when I came back from a last retreat I felt even more connected to myself” but it does feel like a continuous process of going deeper with myself, so every time I say it I actually feel that. It’s a hundred percent true, it’s what I physically feel in my body.

Another component of that is we can only live in the present moment anyways, but what has stuck with me since then is the memory of how that feels in my body and that makes it easier to get back to the feeling.So when now I get thrown off, when now I perceive some unkind talk in my head – and, yeah, that still happens, it just happened this morning – I had a tough time getting out of my own loop.The only thing I can do then is get back into my body. That’s the most important piece for me around self-love; to be in my body, to feel my physical body, to breathe, to connect to the earth energy – or whichever type of the energy would like to connect to. For me grounding with the earth helps a lot to feel that, to feel my own love.

And to then develop my inner talk from there because, yeah, I do talk to myself a lot. Maybe many of us do. Sometimes it goes unconsciously, and then we realize “oh, maybe I was not being so kind to myself right now”. If we can make it conscious, better, and then if we can practice that, to be kind, to talk and that be loving talk to ourselves, even better. And feeling it, really, really feeling it.


Little recap: the three points for loving ourselves fully is 1) Integrating the perceived shadows as an understanding of what they’re here to teach us and then shifting from there 2) Acting – what are your rituals of self-love? How does it shine through in your day-to-day that you love yourself in your actions? 3) Feeling it, practice that feeling state until it becomes your natural default, coming back to it every moment of the day. You’ll feel so tapped in and turned on by life, just in love with life, fully in love with yourself, and with life loving yourself. Being in love with yourself, and with life – yes, that’s what I am inviting you to today.Fall in love deeply, madly, truly.


Sending you so much love! Let me know if this served you, reply with your comments, make requests and catch me soon!
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