Being part of nature: Breathing the earth in

I am today in my beautiful friend Jannicke’s garden and I wanted to take you with me to talk a bit more about nature connection, our topic this month. The past couple of days here have allowed me to tap really deep back into the connection with nature. When you get your bare feet on the ground for an extended period of time, and you just walk the forest, walk the lands.

We were walking barefoot through the forest yesterday. It was just so beautiful and rich, and makes you come alive in a different way. There is a certain quality that when your bare feet are on the earth, it connects you so much deeper to the energy running through the ground. Then, subsequently through my body, I started taking in the earth energy with every inhale, and letting go of whatever doesn’t serve with the exhales. It’s a beautiful practice. 

If you want to try that out, plant your feet firmly in the ground, or you can sit cross-legged and have your bottoms on the ground. Works either way. Then, with an inhale, you start pulling up the energy. It’s not even so much a pull, it’s just letting it flow into you. And then with the exhale you release it, and you let it go.
With the inhale you let the energy come up, and with the exhale you release.

How does that feel in your body?

Another piece of that connection for me comes through tasting the food. We were making some beautiful vegetable dishes yesterday and the day before. We just so thoroughly enjoyed the taste of it, whether it’s the sweet potato roasted in the oven, or the salad that we made, or the beautiful lentil stew that was cooked with a lot of love. All of it becomes so much tastier when we just get back into our bodies. A slice of watermelon which always reminds me of when my grandma had us stand in the garden in summer, bent over so we could eat the watermelon without dribbling the juice all over our clothes. Mmmh. 

Most of all, the biggest beauty is this feeling of coming home to myself, of allowing myself to slow down a bit, to unplug from my calendar schedule.
It’s still there, it’s not as if i could completely abandon it, but it feels less grippy when I’m better in connection with nature.
And taking the time to just bathe in that beautiful forest, to wander around there, and just sigh it out and sigh through whatever comes up. It’s beautiful, beautiful.

And then maybe you hear the birds in the background, maybe you even hear the sheep baa.
The birds have certainly been singing their beautiful songs almost all hours of the day and night, because right now it’s not getting dark here in Sweden. And I love listening to them.
So rewarding, so blissful, just be listening to the songs of the birds.

And then of course there are thoughts sneaking of ‘oh, shouldn’t I be doing this thing over here, over there ?’ But just this gentle reminder that we are allowed to be for some time, that we don’t have to earn our keep by doing all the things all the time. That reminder has helped me to settle in a bit these past few days.

When I pulled a card out of a meditation card deck, and I pulled the same card two days in a row – that said “Rest”, I thought ‘okay, I hear you’. Apparently, this message has to be taken seriously, if I managed to pull the same card from a deck with 52 cards two days in a row. I better heed that call. 

So, with that I stay grounded in the earth here. I hope you are with me, and you can feel that same thing. If you’re not outside now, maybe you can go for just a little walk. Get your bare feet on the ground somewhere, just breathe for a minute or two, listen to the birds and what they’re telling you – all their little messages.
Paying attention to when the sun comes through the clouds, the moment you had a good thought, where you said or thought something specific.
To me, those are all little confirmations by the universe. If I’m too much in my head I don’t see them. When I’m fully present, then everything becomes like a beautiful symphony.

I invite you to listen to the symphony and become part of it.

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Sending you much love on this beautiful day. Be well. Namaste.

Blessings and love,