Nature knows no anxiety

This month, connection to nature is our the topic. For this week, let’s look into the cycles of nature, the rhythms, and how that aligns with us, because nature knows no anxiety. I’ve never come to meet an anxious tree. I’ve never come to meet an anxious cat.

Somehow, nature can do without that, and so I have a feeling that there might be a bit to learn. Earlier, I was feeling a bit of anxiousness creeping up, because there were so many things that I felt I needed to do. People to reach out to, wondering why somebody wasn’t getting back to me yet, and all those things. As I was listening to the stories in my head, I realized “oh, I need to step away from this for a bit” because I’m too much in my efficient getting-things-done mode and in overdrive mode.

So, let me reconnect back to nature. Let me step outside. 

As my body was gently reminding me that right today is a time in my cycle where it may be good to take a little step back, and take it a little more easy as well. It’s making a new egg cell, ready for something that ain’t happening this month, but that’s okay, because it’s what my body does every month. That reminded me of the beauty of the cycles that nature lives in, and that nature is never in a hurry.

What do we learn from that, if nature is never in a hurry and still gets all the things done? Let’s see. Could we possibly benefit from aligning more with those cycles? Can we learn by listening to the birds? When they chirp, sometimes it’s almost like you walk somewhere in your thoughts, and all of a sudden you hear a bird cry, and you realize that just highlighted something, or reminded you of something. It’s almost like there is a secret connection – sometimes that is on a perfect timeline to bring you back into the present moment.

It’s the same for when we connect to how the sun is rising and setting. Right now the nights are pretty short and sweet, and we have about three hours where it’s completely dark – and that will still shorten still.

Luckily that brings a lot of sunshine, which I delight in.

And so that makes me think about my circadian rhythm. I need to make sure that I actually wind down early enough. Get off my lit displays early enough – because, guess what, the sunlight is way more gentle than my lit electronic displays when I work too long on the computer.

First action point for today is: circadian rhythm. How well do I listen to that, to what my body needs in terms of sleep, in terms of a regular schedule? It’s great to be excited about life and all the things to do, especially in summer when you can be out and do all the things.

At the same time, when we’re not well rested, we can’t enjoy it as much anyways. And we become inefficient when we’re not well rested in terms of our work tasks, so let’s listen to that.

Piece number two of listening to nature is: nature never stands quite still. While she’s not in a hurry, there is also this piece of a lot of movement going on.

That’s what we need as well in our bodies, to keep our bodies healthy, and to keep ourselves up on good energy levels. Whenever there was not enough movement going on, and the ‘movement’ is all happening up in our heads. When we feel that it’s getting rigid or stuck somewhere, yes, moving the body is the way out. Moving the body will help us shake off a stuck thought, or a thought loop, and will help us get that energy moving, and get back into the flow of things.

Moving the body helps moving the mind in new directions, whether that’s for problem solving, for a stuck mind loop, or for finding new ideas and in a creative endeavour.

Piece number three: for all of this to happen is just to unplug and enjoy the beauty of being. Let’s get out of the ‘doing’ mode on the same note of nature’s not in a hurry to accomplish anything. Maybe sometimes we don’t need to slave ourselves so hard. You will know whether you’re the type that is taking things a little too easy and needs that discipline of “nature is at it every day”, to pour yourself into growth and development. Or maybe you’re the type of person where you say “I’m pushing way too hard, I’m trying to pull on the grass to make it grow faster” – in that case, is there a way of finding a more deliberate pace? One that I can sustain longer? Regularly unplugging will help a ton for that.

Every time I get a hunch on some of these notions, it’s a good good reminder to get out in nature. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, like right here, I’m sitting in the little park of my neighborhood, you can even see the street back there through the trees, a little bit of sunlight coming down. Just here, just by sitting in the grass getting bitten by mosquitoes right now, oh well, and I’ll have to do a tick check when I get home, but allowing myself to truly connect within and with the ground. That’ll help me come home to myself to remember what’s really important, and to just enjoy the pure being.

We’re allowed to enjoy the pure being, the bliss of being, with that I want to send you so much love for this week.

Listen to when you need some sleep and rest, listen to when your body wants to move, and listen for when it’s time to unplug and just be.

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