Feeling frazzled? Ground with nature – a minute to connect ?

We are in a new month, we have a new topic: This month it’s all about connecting with nature. How do we connect? How do we ground? How do we draw from it? How we do we get insights? What do we learn? How do we be in sync with the rhythm of nature? 
Today, the first piece – connecting and grounding. And as most times I have three points for you.

I am in a little forest right now – this beautiful piece of nature. I am very blessed to live within five minutes of walking distance to this and that’s where I go ground most days.
Even if it’s just for five minutes it feels like it makes such a big difference.
Now, come into the present moment with me for just one deep breath. Exhale, relax.

The first big thing for me when I go out into nature – if it’s not freezing temperatures – is to take off my shoes. I just like to be barefoot. That way I can feel the ground. That way the electromagnetic field of my body really connects to what is below.
We have positively charged ions, and nature the negatively charged ones, and so it balances – we get to literally ground electromagnetically. Isn’t that fascinating? That’s proven by science. I am blown away by science now being able to explain to us what the old tribes have known for so many thousands of years: that it’s good to walk with our bare feet on the ground.

Maybe it’s also something that you knew as a child before you were taught to put on shoes. I remember my mom used to say that I can only walk barefoot in the months that do not have an ‘r’ in their name. I grew up in Germany. I then started joking around with her by just leaving out all all the r’s, for example, it’s not not April with an r in there no it’s “Apil” so I can take my shoes off.
Right now, we’re golden because it’s May. There’s definitely no ‘r’ in there, no cold feet even if it rains, or maybe cold feet for a minute, but I’ll warm them back up.

So, first piece, get out into nature and if possible take off your shoes. If you don’t feel comfortable walking around barefoot for a long time, just take off your shoes in a spot that feels nice. Maybe there’s some moss, maybe there’s grass, maybe there’s dry leaves, and then just feel what that does to your energy. How when you take a deep breath here and then relax, you can just let everything that doesn’t serve you any longer sink into the ground and with your inhales you can pull up some new energy.

Here’s the video for the rest, including the guided meditation starting right at this last sentence:

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