Mental & emotional healthcare: basic applied neuroscience

I have wonderful news to share – I became an auntie this past week! I am so happy to welcome my nephew Vincent into the world and I send his parents, my wonderful brother Veit and his lovely wife Karen, all my love. 
What is lighting up your world this week?

If you think to yourself, well, sometimes it’s kind of dull to get out of bed in the morning… hear me out! By default the mind just goes to the things I have to do and the challenges I have in my life. Let me take you on a little brief journey into neuroscience.

Your body wakes up either by the alarm clock you set (eek!) or naturally by its internal clock, which throws some cortisol into your blood stream. Wait, cortisol? You’ve heard about that one before: It is a stress hormone. So that means your body wakes up because it is experiencing stress. And where does your mind go, doing a good job? Identifying what the potential stressors could be, returning to what kept you ruminating yesterday or what potentially stressful thing you have to deal with today.

That doesn’t sound like a sunshine-and-rainbows attitude. And it is ok that our mind does that, as it is protecting us and setting us up to be attentive. At the same time, that can rob us of joy – unless we are aware of that that’s what’s happening and taking this natural response into account. We can then consciously choose to set our intentions for the day and use that energy charge to fuel something we wish to create or accomplish. 
Where are you putting this energy today?

How do you now think of your morning routine knowing this? Let me know ?

Below is the video for this week where I unpack this in a little more depth and with two more points (on how to work with resistance and internal reward cycles).

PS: Got my next Masterclass in the works for you – stay tuned for “Resilience by harnessing the energy of resistance”.
The next summit is also in the works, topic to be revealed soon. I’ll give you a hint: Bliss.