Self-love is to come fully alive! ?

How’s your energy level right this moment? I just guided a meditation on Insight Timer and I feel so energized every time. The gratitude of the people showing up for their practice is a rewarding confirmation for offering this service, as it is for when I offer breathwork. I train myself to tune into high energy, but I also acknowledge when it dips, and when I get to honor my body, for example during my moon cycle.

Sometimes we have dips in our energy, sometimes we allow ourselves to become drained, and sometimes we get overwhelmed. We have all been there – if you never have been there, make sure to reply to this email and share the magic. Then you probably are a master of self-love already. 
When things get tough: Self-love to the rescue! 

Now if that makes you wonder, how are candle light bubble baths going to help when things get tough?
That is a good question. They probably won’t. They will make you feel better in the moment, and if you choose to have one, please enjoy it fully.
However, that notion of self-love is limited to indulgence and – when we do it too often – can sometimes turn into a bit of checking out, whether it’s movies, baths, or food/drink indulgences. We all need recovery time, don’t get me wrong, but what we often need more than anything else is someone to place an encouraging hand on our shoulder saying ‘You got this. I know it is hard, and I believe in you.’
It’s the kind voice inside supporting you, coaching yourself through the day. Self-love includes eating our vegetables and going to the dentist. (I just wrote a self-love post-it to schedule my checkup…)

Second, it means allowing ourselves to fully receive the love that is there for us, to appreciate when we get a compliment (accepting that gift instead of brushing it off as ‘no big deal’). It’s to realise where we can soften a little around our edges.

Third, it includes knowing what makes us come fully alive. For me, it’s dancing, singing, running, cycling, Acro yoga, and monkeying around. What makes you come fully alive? If you know, do some of it every day. If you are not sure, get playful with it and do some of it every day.

For me, self-love this week looks like taking a few days off over the Easter weekend. I have been going at a pretty consistent high pace since the start of the year, and it has been great, a lot of fun projects, a lot of beautiful people connections, and a lot of creativity. The past week was an accumulation of that with a keynote talk on ‘The not-so-subtle art of taking a deep breath’ and several other events. 

I am very grateful I get to sneak in some nature and offline time to allow myself to reset and recharge for the second quarter of this year. I will have you with me in my heart.

How are you loving yourself right now? ?
Here is the video if you prefer that format:

Much love to you ?