Create & discover magic ✨?✨

Let’s add a new level to playfulness and bliss this week!✨?✨

When we get curious about a lack of energy or enthusiasm, when we tune into where the spark of life is, where the bliss is, then we can get in touch with our inherent magic, our inherent connection to the source of energy and everything.
I would like to invite you to three things, pick up what resonates most:

  1. Can you discover the magic that’s around you? Find 10 things today that are worth appreciating, whether it’s a bird singing, someone’s smile, feeling good in your body when exercising, tasting delicious food, sinking into bed, or singing loudly in the shower.
  2. Are you willing to get playful and silly to feel the magic that is accessible to you at any point in time? Dancing spontaneously when a great song comes on, monkeying around with a friend, making a silly impersonation, using a weird voice on the phone just for the fun of it.
  3. Would you dive into something new, learn and be curious? Every time we pick up something new, there is some enthusiasm about it. Sometimes we drop it again after a few weeks, but maybe that is nothing to worry about too much. Maybe there is reward in just the excitement of the moment and following our bliss. What have you always wanted to pick up?

Join me for a journey into magic ✨?✨
While we get to be here in this beautiful human form, and we don’t know how long it’ll last, let’s enjoy it as much as possible and appreciate what is here.

If you prefer video, here you go:

Let me know where you were able to discover magic today!

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,