Spread some light this week ?

Today I unpack a quote by Yogi Bhajan with you: “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”

When I was 18, I traveled the world for half a year – 4 months of Australia, 3 months of selling books, then a month exploring and traveling the East coast, then a month in New Zealand, Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, then a month in USA – 3 weeks of California and a week of New York. I had the most amazing time, learned so much about people and cultures, and came back with a heart full of experiences and an even larger love for life.

One of the things I learned during that time was with how little possessions I am happy – I traveled with a backpack of clothes, a camera, and a diary, that was it. Today I’d probably be lugging around a laptop but back then (dating myself here ) Internet cafés were easy to find and every hostel had a computer or two you could access. Anyways, ever since then I’ve preferred to own just what I consider essential.

Our outer lives reflect our inner lives – and really, we live on the inside. So what does traveling light mean on the inside?
It means to process things and then let them go, to not hang on to things that happened a long time ago.

I’m not saying to dismiss feelings that still need to be felt to be able to come to terms with something, but I am suggesting that if there is old stuff bottled up, then finding a way of releasing that (if support is needed, there is breathwork, if professional psychological support is needed, there are therapists), so that you can live from your heartspace and into your expansion.

When we feel like we are expanding, we are on the right track – when we feel we are constricting, we might want to curiously explore what causes that constriction, and maybe doing some belief work (I’m here for you).

Spreading and being the light is about how we show up for ourselves and, in reflection of that, in the world. When we are in a good place, people around us sense that good energy and like to mirror it or at least be around us and soak in our presence.

Maybe this little trick has worked for you in the past of when / if you feel bad, you do something nice for someone else, and it lifted up both of you? I come back to that every once in a while when I am in a place where I am not well resourced. Either I manage to listen to my tender heart’s voice underneath the “should”s and can give myself what I really need in that moment, or I attend to someone else’s needs and that love nurtures both of us. Just be attentive to whether you do it to distract yourself from what you are feeling – that’s not the point.

The point is giving love to feel that love (not to receive it in return, because true giving from the heart is without expectation, otherwise we set ourselves up for disappointment if it doesn’t get returned).
Give love to feel that very love you are giving inside yourself, filling your cup and letting it flow over to others.
The better resourced you are within yourself, the more you can let that love flow.

If that resonates, roll with it, take it into the world to spread the light and be the light this week.
If it sounds too much or hard to get to that place, consider joining me for one of my live meditations on Insight Timer, see time & link in footer.
This is where I give you more detailed guidance on how to access that place within you that is always available to you.

If you prefer to watch it as a video (in slightly different words):

What resonates? Let me know ?
Have a wonderful week!

Much love to you,

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