Nature Bliss Healing Project ?

Locked down, locked in, held back, fed up, and worn out?

In my recent survey, you let me know that you are very interested in connecting deeper with your inner healer.

The most profound way I heal is in nature and in connection with nature. My most effective way to let go of worry.

How do you connect with nature in your environment?
What are options in an urban environment?
When do we find time for that between work and errands and family?

I would love to share insights from the Nature Bliss Healing Project: Play and Recovery.
Let’s open up some play space.
Let’s make some room for bliss.
Let’s get wide open and ready for joy.

I’m out in the elements, whether in the park around the corner, at the shore of the ocean, or walking in the forest.
I breathe deeply, I’m listening to the chirping of the birds, to the rustling of the wind in the leaves.
I feel the gentle breeze touching my skin (sometimes it’s not so gentle as I currently live in Göteborg, Sweden).
I soak in the light of the sky, whether sunny or not, the lush green of the plants, and the subtle browns of the soil.
I let my fingertips glide over the bark of a tree, or the surface of a rock, or through the swaying long grass tips.
I curl my fingers into the wet sand and pebbles in the shallow water, and splash drops to watch them circle outwards.

What connects you?

This week, I invite you to step outside and connect to a tree, like I suggest and start with in the video below. Let me know what it taught you.