Play with me ?

How are you doing with the first month of the year already past us?
Did it go quickly? Are you back in the swing of things? Or back in the grind? A bit of both?

In conversations over the last few days I’ve heard some heaviness, and many of us feel the prolonged restrictions in daily life, yet we want to get moving and try to make the best of what we have right now. 

Maybe there is a way to bring more lightness to the process.
Maybe we can bring a light into someone else’s day?
Maybe we can make a dreaded task a little more fun and get some smiles out of it?
Maybe we can remember who we are serving in our work and do that with more joy?
Maybe we can find a bit more time to be playful in between?

Dancing along the street may not be everyone’s game, but I do it and it certainly makes people smile. I confess that I love sparking gel pens to write my notes with – it just makes me happy.
I may overuse emoticons in my emails sometimes but if you have talked to me face to face you know I do like to smile a lot.
Let’s not expect of ourselves to turn everything into fun all the time, but I would like to invite you to find more little joys in this week. Tickle the fun into some dull tasks, decorate messages with a kind, sweet or funny comment, smile at someone on the street – just let the sunshine in.

If all of that fails (and I bet it won’t), let’s call gratitude to the rescue. Let me be grateful that I woke up this morning and got another chance to make this day worth living, to do something that matters to me, to inspire someone, to make someone laugh, to appreciate the trees outside, to listen to the birds chirp, to sigh a big sigh of release.
Let me be grateful because I have no idea how long I get to be around. Nope, not challenging the universe on that one, just being grateful for everything I have been allowed to experience so far.
So let’s play all out.

Here’s the video for this week where I unpack this in a little more depth.

How are you playing? Let me know ?

Have a wonderful week!