Level up the default mood

Today we talk about leveling up your baseline – let’s go from default in the morning to setting the baseline frequency we wish to have for the day.

For me, that means I get myself into an elevated emotion if that is not what I wake up with. One of the practices I do for that I’d like to share with you today. I would like to credit one of my teachers, Sally Kempton, for inspiring me to implement this and to pass it on.

Let’s jump right in. Get into a comfortable position, take a deep inhale and grow a little taller. Exhale, relax. Then bring to memory a scene with a person that you love very much, someone you currently don’t have quarrels with, just pure appreciation. It could also be an animal you love, anything that lets that feeling of love or appreciation well up inside of you. Recall details from that scene. Maybe it’s scents, maybe visual details, or haptic experiences, to make it really vivid in your mind. Then feel that in your body, feel deep into it. Amplify it while you let go of the actual memory. Just feel it, soak it up, embody it.
If the feeling fades, bring the memory back for a moment to let it well up again. Stay here for a few minutes so that your body creates a neurological imprint of it – a new memory of feeling like that in the morning.

How do you feel now? Any difference? Let me know ?

That’s how we change our default baseline frequency over time. By reinforcing that new neurological pathway every morning.
When we practice that every morning for just a few minutes, by bringing ourselves into the mood we wish to experience and letting our body feel it. It helps set the tone for the entire day. There can be a more elevated undertone and it all comes back to what we actively choose to practice.

Here’s the video for this week where I unpack this in a little more depth:

Have a wonderful week!

Blessings and love,