Whispers of your soul ?

What’s your soul whispering right now? Take a deep breath with me. Exhale, relax – what are you feeling in your body right now? What sensations are there? Any tension there? Anything that ask for more attention?

Then check in with your mind – what’s going on in your mind? Is it super busy right now, or is it just calm and relaxed? Just notice, there’s no need to judge, it’s just stuff passing through, and that’s okay.

Then, what’s rolling through in terms of emotions? What waves are passing through right now? Is there contentment, calm, or rather a bit of anxiety or sadness or anger? Again, just notice.

Good, and then just connect to that little soul spark right in the center of your heart. The You that’s there when everything else falls away and we don’t need labels anymore; when we forget about all our roles and duties and tasks, what’s there? Yep, that pure you. Good. When we’re connected to that, we can also hear our inner inner guidance better.

My inner guidance was asking me to come out to the park to go for a little walk before my next meeting. As I was walking through the park, I got reminded that so much of what’s going on in our lives is based on our perception. I could pretend I’m in the most pristine forest right now, but we’re just in the center of Gothenburg and right back there are the next few apartment buildings behind the trees, and that is perfectly fine because it means that nature is in reach even though we’re pretty close to the city center. And that’s beautiful, so I’m really appreciative of having this little park. There are snowflakes falling and I could think to myself “oh man, all that’s going to turn into slush within a few hours” because it’s just slightly above freezing temperature – or, I can just enjoy the sensation of the snowflakes falling on my face and not worry about what comes next.

I’m grateful that you allow me to very gently remind you of those little whispers of your soul that will nudge you towards what you most need right now. So I would just like to pass on this one little idea for you, that little breathing that we did at the beginning, taking a deep breath with what’s going on physically in your body, and taking another one with what is going on in your mind, and a third one with your emotions. And then the fourth one you just connect deep inside. You can probably do that in under a minute, and just be with yourself for a moment, so that you can come back to listening to your inner guidance, because we all have it.

Sometimes there’s a lot of overlay, a lot of distraction from our outer environment, whether that’s notifications coming in of some messages or emails, or whether that is other people. And any and all of that is okay – we are in our lives for a lot of connection with other people and yet sometimes that gets us so distracted that we forget to listen to our inner guidance and where that is tugging us first.

I want to invite you, for a couple of times per day, to check in with yourself to take that brief moment of pause. Ask ‘hey, what’s really important right now?’, as in right now, what do I need. And if that is getting up from the computer and dancing through the room for a minute or two to your favorite song, that’s a great one – despite you really urgently having to finish that thing on your computer. Once you’ve adhered to that desire to move your body and to move to the music you’re going to be much more focused and you’re going to have a lot more positive energy, and then that urgent thing that needed to be finished will go much more easily. I’ve tried this out many times. I know that it’s true for me – don’t take my word for it – ever – just try it out for yourself.

Just try it out for yourself. Listening to the birds outside for a second noticing all the colors that are there. Noticing when a tree invites you for a hug thank you and just taking a few more seconds to linger in the moment.

David Lion called this “take a freeze frame”, so when you’re in a joyful moment, he said just take a freeze frame right there. Soak it up, just soak it up for what it is right now, before moving on to the next thing, before getting the next impressions.

So, for listening to your intuition: first a little check in just four breaths, ask what you need right now, and whenever something good happens take a freeze frame.