Let love lead

Year of love ahead – practice ?

I took a serious look into the proverbial and physical crystal ball ?

And 2021 is looking great – it’ll be a year of love, for all that I am concerned. That doesn’t mean it’ll all be sunshine and rainbows, but it means we get to choose to act from love every day. Our perception of reality is our choice, and we create it by our perception and we initiate it by our intentions and by what we put out into the world.

If I don’t smile into the mirror, the reflection cannot smile back – very basic physics, and we can apply that much more widely to our life as a whole. Is there any situation where you think you might (strive to) apply it more often?

We are entering the age of Aquarius, and the planets Jupiter and Saturn are aligning, for the first time in many centuries – they appear as one “star”.
You get to choose how much significance you want to assign to that age of Aquarius. I take it as affirmation that humankind can unite and uplift each other. Neuroscience shows us that when we hold good thoughts in our minds and hearts, and when we breathe or meditate together, it improves our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – and those effects are even stronger when we practice in a group. 

Whether you sit together around a candle in conversation, or whether you tune into the global community today in your thoughts and intention, you get to shape your upcoming year. Not just because today is a special day, but also because it takes our consistent practice every day. The effects accumulate, so tune into the future self you aspire to become, because all energy you put into that today benefits you directly.

I’ll be holding space for you as well as for my own process of growth, letting go of things I cannot change, and renewing my dedication to service and spreading universal love.

If you’d like a little more on honoring the past year yet choosing our own path, here’s the weekly video.