Beautiful sunset at Attersee, Austria.


My thoughts create my reality, because they infuse my energy and inform my actions. 

The most important part of spiritual practice (in whichever wide way you use that term – starting from recognising that you are more than just your body and your thoughts) is devotion to walking the talk. I haven’t always shown up for myself or the world in the way I desire. I may fail often and many times, but how quickly can I pick myself up again? How soon can I remind myself of what I stand for and live into that?

I can only give if I am ok with myself and inside myself, otherwise I end up depleting myself (and the loved ones around me), when instead we could be creating love and abundance everywhere.

Being rooted in self-love to be able to give from my fullest in loving others equally is my vision, because we are all one. If I don’t treat myself well, I won’t treat others well. If I judge someone else, I am judging myself, and so I hurt both. If I fully love myself and encourage myself to show up for my values and vision every day, I can do that same thing for everyone around me. That requires for me to be on top of my inner self talk, to direct my energy and actions, and have clear loving boundaries, for myself and in my interaction with others.

Love myself”, what does that mean? Three things:
1) Tending to my “inner child”, that beautiful little soul inside that sparks the joy and the love, the one that thrives playing – what does she need to feel alive?
2) Empowering my “highest self”, the one that knows how we create our reality by our thoughts, and that for growth, we lean into discomfort. That we take action to generate motivation, that by loving we create more love around us, and that be aligning with our truest soul yearnings we can call in abundance.
3) Finding the balance of the two in between what is good for child & my highest self? Taking the time to listen and feel out which path will bring the expansion, where there is space to be playful in bringing out the growth, challenging ourselves and staying curious, and always rooted in love.

How does that resonate with you?