How deep are you breathing?

How deep are you breathing? When some thought crosses your mind that is not kind? When someone cuts you off? When things just don’t seem to go your way? When you feel disappointment passing through you? 
How much kindness can you bring to yourself when that happens? Can you take a deep breath and invite some kindness for yourself and for the situation? 
Nature time. These past few days had a few rough patches on my end, and not because I am not incredibly lucky living in a good place, healthy, wonderful friends and family, and so on and so forth. Believe me, I count my blessings every day. So what happens when we face the roughness? For me, I go into nature as much as I can and wherever in reach. Putting my bare feet on the earth, hiking up a mountain, jumping into an ocean or lake, going for a walk in a forest, watching the wildlife.
Losing the path. How I noticed that I was having a really hard time letting go of what was going on in my mind? While hiking this beautiful mountain I got lost three times. Oh well, so I got more out of the hike, more nature time and more intense contact with nature while hiking off trail and through the forest. I spent a beautiful hour sitting on the summit, watching the clouds pass by, meditating and listening to the wind. After I got back down, I spent some more time sitting by the river, soaking my feet in the icy water, getting mesmerised by the water flowing by until all thoughts vanish. Can you let yourself get absorbed by nature? Maybe there is an opportunity this week to go on whatever little nature adventure lends itself to it, so you can reconnect?
Making new friends. On an evening walk up the hill, where I met a toad on the road – that rhymes! Anyways, I asked the toad if I may pet it, and after I felt a positive vibe, I did. She leaned towards my fingertips gently stroking her back and sides, and she was so soft yet firm and gentle. Toads are beautiful when we take the time to look in detail. Where have you spotted beauty in unexpected ways? Maybe you can discover some unexpected beauty when you take a minute to look a little closer?
Sunsets and clouds. This evening, there was the most beautiful sunset mirrored in the clouds, and the rising quarter moon amidst them, the bottom garnished by lush green grass and dark trees. I love watching clouds any given day, especially early in the morning and around sunset. So many shapes, so many consistencies, so much continuous change. Like everything in life, but more visible here. The things that we don’t like change (even though sometimes our mind tells us they will last forever) and the things that we do like change (even though we may wish for them to stay the same) – and so becoming ok with things always changing is a continuous practice if we want to be at peace with the world.
Resting in the moment. What all of those different ways to connect to nature have in common is that they give us a beautiful opportunity to be present in the moment. So let’s linger in the moment with all of our presence for just a few seconds longer. As you read this, take a moment to look up and maybe out the window and catch a glimpse of a little piece of nature. What do you see? What beauty can you spot? Can you feel love well up in your heart, just the tiniest bit? Make it larger, make it big, let it be a well of love, flowing into the rest of you, lighting up that beautiful smile on your face, and radiating out from you.