Play in love

This week I would like to send you a big playful hug… as I am receiving the message to play and rest – both of those alternating, just taking the cues of the universe to go deep inside, make that inner child happy, dance, sing, draw, color, play and love, including loving on myself by taking some rest and restoring. What is your favorite version of play? Is it in the list above or is it getting creative with something else? It’s all in your imagination, that infinite place inside of you where curiosity and lightness live, where time and space are a mere concept and you can flow with whatever is present. Breathe into that place, let it come awake, maybe it has been asleep for a while, so see if you can tickle it.
Love above everything else, and grow from living from a place of love. Instead of listening to the doubting voices in my head, to just let go a bit, because a lot of the doubting voices are also the ego talking, usually fuelled by trying to keep us safe (and therefore in a small comfort zone that doesn’t let us grow into our best selves). Instead, I cultivate and practice to trust in that I get guided to take the right steps. 

One practice that I often mention in class to bring thoughts and ideas into the physical plane, the material world, is to journal about them. I have filled many diaries in my life, and for the most part, I don’t open them again once they are full, but that doesn’t matter, because their purpose is just to pour on the page what is coming through, and once it is there, it can continue to live a life of its own. So here are some prompts for this week if that is something you might feel called to as well – otherwise you can just ponder them or meditate on them or take them with you on a nice long walk: What does it mean to be more myself? What does “play” mean to me? How do I love to play? What gets me into the giggle mode where the world just feels oh so light for a little while? How do I refill my batteries by getting myself into that state? How can I be of service to the world by being more myself?
And because we are social creatures and live in relationship with the world around us: How can I grow in my relationships while bringing a bit more playfulness to them? Often we seem to be under the impression that relationship work is all heavy talk but I don’t think that is necessarily the case – it is also cultivating playful exploration and genuine curiosity about the other half of that relationship. This curiosity allows us to deepen that relationship and really see the other person, get to know them with all their light and their shadows and truly appreciate them for who they are, and grow from it together, whether the relationship be romantic, family, friends, or work. So one last prompt to open that one up: Where can I be more curious about myself, my relationships and the world around me?